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At ParaStar Pool Supply, our goal is to help pool owners across the country get the very best for their swimming pool, and to spend less for it! our online selection of Safety Pool Cover Parts is a perfect example. Our top-quality Safety Covers are designed to last for years, and by buying from us and installing your Safety Cover yourself, you are getting the best possible value available. So when the time comes to replace an anchor or spring on your Safety Cover, don't rely on your local pool supply store - come back to the source!

Mesh Safety Pool Covers

A Mesh Safety Cover is a winter cover in a tightly-woven mesh material that’s designed to be stretched across the pool, and secured with straps to anchors installed around the pool’s perimeter.

Solid Safety Pool Covers

A Solid Safety Cover is an inground winter cover made from a solid vinyl material, that's specially designed to be pulled tight across the pool and secured with straps to Safety Cover anchors that are installed around the pool's perimeter.

Solar Blankets

A Solar Blanket is a great investment for every pool owner. In fact, in some areas of the country a good quality Solar Blanket may be all you need to warm your pool water and make your pool more enjoyable.